Direct Marketing and Other Media


With over 15 year experience working for some of the world’s biggest names in Direct Marketing, The AD Man’s knowledge and expertise in this field is second to none.

Over time his ideas and crafted executions have earned The AD Man numerous Direct Marketing Awards for both creativity and , more importantly, for effectiveness.

Once again, the communication pieces are made solid and effective because of one simple factor. The idea. The idea is king. Here is an example of a flyer for a massage therapist. The simple idea of painful, burning, knotted muscles is bought to life with some clever image manipulation. (see the Photo Retouching Post for more examples).

Direct Marketing is not just Direct Mail either. DM is about direct response advertising too. The AD Man is well versed in all aspects of DM.

Click here to view a gallery of some Direct Marketing examples, as well as a few ‘other media’ examples such as vehicle graphics.

Category : Blog Posted on May 25, 2011

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