Free Stuff – Super Special Referral Offer

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Super Special Referral Offer

Gee Whizz! Take a look at this fabulous offer!

When you successfully refer a new client to The AD Man you’ll receive a free gift or 20 percent off the cost of design services on your next invoice!

Depending on how many clients you refer you could get a Free Case of Beer, or Six Bottles of Premium Wine, or 1,000 Business Cards, or 1,000 Full Colour Double Sided DL Flyers!

The client you refer will also receive a Free Case of Beer or 20 percent off the cost of the design services on their first invoice!


Don’t Delay!
Start making your list of referrals NOW!

*Conditions apply. Call the AD Man for full details.

Category : Blog &Featured Posted on February 27, 2012

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