20b-Animals-RooThe AD Man is one of the few Graphic Designers in the world who can actually draw. Surprisingly, this is true. Many designers these days start their careers in  front of a computer and rarely put pencil to paper.

The AD Man however, from a very early age, was sketching and drawing every chance he got. Often his sketch pad was the walls of the house, much to his parent’s dismay. Later they embraced this infatuation with art and allowed him to decorate his bedroom with murals of various kinds. The ever changing environment was a joy to behold.

He is well versed in sketching and drawing and still loves to paint and draw even today. The sign of a true artist.

His training in Visual Communication Design, at Wellington Polytechnic in New Zealand, included life drawing, drawing, visualising (presentation drawings for advertisements etc), storyboards and illustration. Now, with the aid of computers and fantastic illustration applications The AD Man is able to create pictures suitable for any use.

When a photograph just won’t fit the bill, let The AD Man sketch up an exciting illustration that will bring the communication piece to life.

Whether it be a fun logo or graphics for a user manual, The AD Man has the experience and versatility to create the images that are right for the job.

Click Here to view a small gallery of illustrations.

Category : Blog Posted on May 25, 2011

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