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The AD Man’s speciality. The best unique logo designs money can buy.

When The AD Man designs a logo he doesn’t just jump on the internet, find a cool looking graphing and put a business name with it. Nor does he search for a cool or funky typeface and set the name in that.

No. The AD Man has been designing logos for well over 3 decades (he was designing logos for fun and friends as early as 12 years old). The logos The AD Man designs are crafted, relevant and unique.

The process starts with a solid brief and an understanding of the client’s (your) business. The tone and manner of the business is considered, along with the client’s preference for various factors like colour. Then the sketch and ideas stage starts. This is where various designs are roughly sketched out. There is always an ‘idea’ behind the logo design to make it relevant to the business. The logo is the public face of your business and so needs to communicate, in some form or another, what it is your business has to offer. A product. A service. Whatever it is the logo should reflect that key element.

At this stage, the logo is in it’s simplest form. A good logo should work across all media and work in it’s simplest colour combination, black and white. You never know where your logo might end up needing to be used.

From here the logo is refined and colour is now applied to create the desired mood or emotion associated with the business. The process is nearly complete.

Once the design has been finalized, it is then formatted for use in all media. The log starts out as a vector EPS format, so it can be used for sign-writing, printing and livery. It is then reformatted into PSD and JPEG formats for use in ‘Office’ apps and the on-line environment. This ensures you have the logo in the correct format for the desired media.

Don’t get caught out with a logo designed in ‘PhotoShop’ because your ‘web-guys’ said they could throw one together for you. Make sure you have a logo designed by a professional logo designer (The AD Man) so you have a crafted, relevant and unique identity for your business.

Click Here to view a gallery of a few of the logos The AD Man has designed …

Category : Blog Posted on May 25, 2011

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