Packaging Design

Milk Carton

Although only a recent addition to The Ad Man’s quiver, packaging design is one of his greatest loves.

The challenge of working in three dimensions rather than the simple two of other print media is exciting. Having done mainly carton designs, bottle labels and ‘rewind bag’ designs, The AD Man is super keen to design packaging for your products and make them really stand out from the competition.

You can help The AD Man achieve his goal simply by giving him your next packaging design assignment. Imagine your product with a great, fresh, new look, hitting the shelves momentarily as they are whisked away by frenzied consumers, excited and overwhelmed by the fantastic design and high standard of finish.

No ‘cheap-and-cheerful’ ‘run-of-the-mill’ packaging here!

Click Here to view a gallery of a small sample of The AD Man’s packaging designs.

Category : Blog Posted on May 25, 2011

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