Photo Retouching

Boat On Clouds

Another of the great skill The AD Man has tucked away in his utility belt is photo retouching and image compositing.

Often the idea for an ad or communication piece requires a seemingly impossible image. This is where the skills of The AD Man come into play. The composition of images from either stock image libraries, or commissioned photography, or both. With a keen eye for detail The AD Man can comp together an image which creates a new reality.

Here is an example, where the idea for the ad was to make a boat look like it was powering across the sky. You can see there were a number of images needed to achieve this. The clouds, of course, as the background. And the boat, which is the focus of the ad as well as being the product on sale. The boat shots supplied by the client were great. However to achieve the composition of the final image the hero boat needed a longer wake. The second image supplied fit the bill perfectly. With a few tricks to enhance the tone and colour of the wakes, a lot of precise masking and the two wakes become one. The deep etching around the details of the hero boat was the key to making the final image feel as real as possible. A little more colour balancing of all the images, the addition of the new logo on the boat, cleaning up some ‘wet’ marks on the timber of the boat and the job was complete.

If you have an idea that you’d like to see bought to life contact The AD Man now.

Mr Preston

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Category : Blog Posted on May 25, 2011

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