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Racing Phones Poster

As with all advertising media the simple idea rules supreme.

If a visual image can portray the idea without the need for headlines or copy to explain it, then that is the ultimate in visual communication. The simple yet powerful idea that the reader will ‘get’ with just a quick glance.

Here is one example of such a visual idea. The image is creative, simple and seems so obvious. The only identifier on the poster is the logo, the tag-line and the call-to-action phone number.

This is the simple communication style The AD Man strives to create for all his clients. Often though, the poster needs a little more explanation in the form of a headline. The AD Man is masterful at writing such headlines which not only add to the communication of the idea, but do so in a witty and creative way. It is this creativity which sets The AD Man’s work apart from others and has lead to many successful campaigns.

Click Here to view a gallery of but a few examples of Posters and Outdoor advertising.

Category : Blog Posted on May 25, 2011

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