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Hong Kong Sevens med

Austar Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Concept

Simple visual advertising concepts are a speciality.

It’s all about engaging the reader within the first 2 seconds of them viewing the page.
An interesting and creative image will stop the reader and curiosity then takes over.

The ‘sell’ message can follow once you have their attention.
All too often the ‘sell’ message leads and the reader is lost due simply to non interest in the overall ad.

Then there is the ‘I get it’ factor. Like the punch line of a good joke. The secret here is to allow the reader to participate in the visual or written gag, allowing them to ‘get it’ and feel good about how smart they are to have ‘got it’. Your product or service and you brand will now be associated with the good feeling the reader has.

The AD Man can create the best, most creative and most relevant advertising for your business.
The Idea is king. Without an idea, the ad will probably just be a ‘buy me’ message.
The reader’s response will probably be “Sorry. Not interested. Don’t tell me to buy something I’m not sure I need or want.”

The AD Man will change all that and have the phones and your till ringing off the hook!

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Category : Blog &Featured Posted on May 25, 2011

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