VET – A5 Flyer

The idea for the flyer is quite obvious. It plays on the classic lost and found flyer that people put on community notice boards and lamp posts.

The printed flyer makes a feature of the ‘cut and stuck’ look with cellotape and cut out paper. The final flyer was made of various elements which were cut and stuck to a piece of paper, then scanned. Nothing on the flyer is exactly square which adds to the overall effect.

The stock image of the cat and dog was treated in PhotoShop and made to look as if it were photocopied, giving the flyer a real hand made look.

The flyer was distributed in the local area and has been an enormous success, with more than 50% of their  ‘new’ clients coming directly from it.

It is getting a lot of great comments with many people keeping it on their fridge because it looks so good.

Category : Blog &Featured Posted on May 31, 2012

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