VET – Logo and Branding

The Brief:

Dr Justin Ward, BVSc. commissioned me to create a unique logo for a Veterinary Surgery. Some examples of various looks and feels were supplied. The logo is to look quirky, friendly, approachable and to include a cat and a dog. Black and White with an accent of Green.

The Logo:

After hand drawing a number of options (The AD Man generally start the design process with a pencil and paper) The AD Man found a way to integrate the cat and the dog into one homogenous design.

The use of the negative space defines the shape of the cat and the legs of both. Both the cat and the dog appear to be happy together, described with smiling eyes on the cat and a wagging tail on the dog.

Green was requested as the feature colour, so is used as a background element to the design. The shape is based on the centre ‘pad’ on the paws of cats and dogs, and provides a base, a lawn if you will, to the design.

The simplicity of the design allows it to be used across all media platforms with ease.

The font used for the location name was chosen to reinforce the friendly, hand drawn nature of the logo and the friendly, person

al, approachable nature of the business. The other font is clean and clinical to convey the professionalism of the practice.

The Client ‘LOVES’ the design and it has received glowing comments and reviews from family, friends and the veterinarian’s clients.

Category : Blog &Featured Posted on May 31, 2012

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