Terms Of trade

In an effort to keep businesses on the straight and narrow, The AD Man has teamed up with a legend in legal and monetary matters. As a result, from July 1st 2017, The AD Man has  a new set of rules for all to live by. Please take a long hard look at the new […]

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VET – A5 Flyer

The idea for the flyer is quite obvious. It plays on the classic lost and found flyer that people put on community notice boards and lamp posts. The printed flyer makes a feature of the ‘cut and stuck’ look with cellotape and cut out paper. The final flyer was made of various elements which were cut […]

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VET – Logo and Branding

The Brief: Dr Justin Ward, BVSc. commissioned me to create a unique logo for a Veterinary Surgery. Some examples of various looks and feels were supplied. The logo is to look quirky, friendly, approachable and to include a cat and a dog. Black and White with an accent of Green. The Logo: After hand drawing […]

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Free Stuff – Super Special Referral Offer

Super Special Referral Offer Gee Whizz! Take a look at this fabulous offer! When you successfully refer a new client to The AD Man you’ll receive a free gift or 20 percent off the cost of design services on your next invoice! Depending on how many clients you refer you could get a Free Case […]

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Print Advertising

Simple visual advertising concepts are a speciality. It’s all about engaging the reader within the first 2 seconds of them viewing the page. An interesting and creative image will stop the reader and curiosity then takes over. The ‘sell’ message can follow once you have their attention. All too often the ‘sell’ message leads and […]

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