How Does He Do It?

It’s quite simple really! With so much industry experience it’s all just second nature!

By night, just like any other superhero, dressed in a specially designed bullet proof body suit with purple cape and knee high boots, he endeavours to keep the streets of our fair city safe! But by day he transforms into the true guardian of design, advertising and marketing you know so well!

Is there no end to this man’s talents?!

Here is a brief list of services The AD Man has to offer you and your business.

Graphic Design!
Posters, Brochures, Flyers, Point Of Sale, Packaging, Merchandise, Signs, Annual Reports, Newsletters… and more!… Anything you can see, he can design!

Corporate ID!
Logos, Brand Audits, Positioning Statements (tag lines), Stationery Packs, Business Cards… and more!

Magazine & Newspaper Ads, TV & Radio Ads, Billboards, Direct Marketing, Mail Packs… and more!

Product Shots, Annual Reports, Photo composites, Photo Retouching… and more!

Other Services!
Illustration, Print Buying, Marketing Concepts, Crime Fighting… and more!