The Media Is The Message

The Media Is The Message - What does that mean?

In digging through the archive of The AD Man I have come across a few little gems.
All with something worth sharing.

Here's a great example of creative execution, challenging the client brief and paying homage to the age old adage - The Media Is The Message.

The original brief from the client was a predictable one to say the least.
It came across our desk and my writer at the time Darren Masters and I simply couldn't waste our time doing what was asked for, which was of course...wait for it...
pack shots, short copy and the obligatory logos.

The brief was for 4 ads to appear in the Racebook for one of the next track meeting at either Brisbane or The Gold Coast.

Hmmmm. We thought.
There MUST be some way we can liven things up a bit here.
The Media... a thoroughbred racebook.
The messages: Fast Delivery, Parcel Post, Bill Payment Options and Business Post.

So we got to thinking - that's what we creative teams do -  and the ads became obvious.
Simple expressions visualised in racing terms.

Fast Delivery = Cracking the whip
Parcel Post = is all about size and weight
Bill Payment Options = Horses for courses. What suits you.
Business Post = All about helping get the win.

Job done.

Well.... not quite.
We still had to get client approval.

Actually, not uh-oh at all.
With the help of a really good account executive - Richard Boland if I recall correctly - and an open-minded client the ads were approved on the spot.

So next time you are going to run an ad somewhere, LOOK at where it's going to be running.
Don't just take the easy route and regurgitate those old-faithful brand messages.
Dig a little deeper, put in a little cerebral jockeying and produce a memorable communication.