Direct Marketing On Steroids!

Personalised Gif Image Messages Are Hitting R.O.I. Out Of The Park

The AD Man in Collaboration With MobileDigital

One of The AD Man's most interesting clients is MobileDigital, a proprietary software developer, who have been working for the past few years to bring to market a truly unique Mobile Marketing tool.
SNIPER, the product, has a proven track record, delivering R.O.I.s of up to 4830% (no, that's not a typo!) and redemption rates as high as 40%+ for a single campaign.
Of course this kind of result is not possible without the high-level creative and execution only The AD Man can deliver.

SNIPERr is a web based dashboard platform, not a 'app', which seamlessly integrates with your CRM software.
It has up to 20 dynamic fields that pull selected entires from your database and renders them directly onto an image or Gif making it 100% customised to that individual.
That image or Gif is then sent directly to the customer's messages app on their mobile, giving a staggering 99+% open rate! (generally those not opened are false data in the databank or an out-of-date mobile number.

SNIPER gives you complete control of your campaigns too. Not only can you easily wash your data directly in the dashboard, you can also segment for better targeting.
What's more the back end analytics are second to none.

Fully targeted direct marketing to you customer base is not only easier with SNIPER, it is also so much more effective.

SNIPER has recently introduced 'loyalty' capabilities to the software making it perfect for any retail or hospitality business, large or small.

Another very important point is the cost of customer acquisition is so much lower when using this technology.
You best talk to Mobile Digital about that side of things.

So, if you're really serious about Mobile Marketing and building a better customer base, you NEED to talk to these guys.
Be sure to mention you heard about them here too.