In today’s battle for business supremacy it’s good to know, that out there, somewhere, there is someone with the knowledge and experience to champion your business to the corporate ranking¬†for which you strive.

The AD Man is that someone.

Teaming up with a chosen few legends of advertising and marketing, nothing now stands in the way of your commercial, even global, success.

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The AD Man! Hero to the Client… Saviour of the Advertising World!

The best advertising concepts money can buy. The best ideas. The best graphic design. The best logos. The best ads. The best photography. The best image manipulation and retouching. The best ‘air brushing’ and restoration of photographs. The best corporate identities. The best stationery designs. The best posters. The best brochures. The best collateral. The best point of sale. The best packaging. The best website design. The best party invitations. The best wedding invitations. Quite possibly the best Advertising Graphic Designer on the Gold Coast. Possibly the best in Brisbane, all of Queensland, Australia, New Zealand, anywhere! Possibly the best the world has ever seen.

Hong Kong 7s

Simple visual advertising concepts are a speciality. It’s all about engaging the reader within the first 2 seconds of viewing the page.
An interesting and creative image will stop the reader and curiosity then takes over.


A Ride So Smooth
Image Retouching and Compositing

Bringing the creative idea to life is another special skill The AD Man has. Finding or photographing images that will sit together in a ‘new realty’ image is not as easy as it looks.
It’s all about attention to detail to meld the images seamlessly.


Weight Cheetah Wheels
Unique Logo Designs

The AD Man cannot emphasize more, the importance of a unique logo for your business.
Your logo is the identifier for your brand/business. It NEEDS to stand alone and stand out. And as important, it NEEDS to be relevant to the name or nature of your business.


Blyss High Flyer

With more than 17 years experience in Direct Marketing The AD Man can delivery incredibly creative and effective DM.
From Direct Mail to Direct Response Advertising The AD Man has won numerous industry awards for creativity and more importantly for you, effectiveness.


Ponga Koru

Digital Photography

Photography has always been a passion of The AD Man. He now offers this service to all his clients.

Product photography and boat shoots are a speciality. MORE