Logo Design – Intuitive Interior Design

Firstly let me thank the girls (women) at Intuitive Interior Design for giving me the opportunity to create their brand identity. Logo design for me, The AD Man, is not about looking for a symbol on the ‘interweb :-)’ and … Read More

The Media Is The Message

In digging through the archive of The AD Man I have come across a few little gems. All with something worth sharing. Here’s a great example of creative execution, challenging the client brief and paying homage to the age old … Read More

Direct Marketing On Steroids!

Personalised Gif Image Messages Are Hitting R.O.I. Out Of The Park The AD Man in Collaboration With MobileDigital One of The AD Man’s most interesting clients is MobileDigital, a proprietary software developer, who have been working for the past few … Read More

The AD Man – Logo

The Evolution Of A Logo The evolution of The AD Man’s visual identity. Just like we as ordinary people (and Superheroes) change as we grow, so too has The Ad Man’s logo and visual identity. The evolution is a work … Read More


Wild Fruit – Banana Cactus The wacky zany mind of The AD Man is at it again. This is a personal art project done in the early 2000s. Still relevant today because of it’s nature. The attention to detail in … Read More